5 Top Items For Senior Travel

Traveling is one of life’s greatest pleasures, whether you’re visiting a new city abroad or visiting loved ones across the country. Unfortunately, many seniors avoid taking trips due to mobility and other age-related issues, preferring to stay home rather than face the hassles of traveling.

Age and mobility don’t have to be obstacles to the joy of traveling. With the right equipment, taking a trip a few hundred or a few thousand miles away can be easy and fun. Here are the top 5 items available to facilitate senior travel:

1. Folding cane

Many seniors have marginal mobility issues, only requiring a cane or other support device when they’re walking around for long periods of time. If you need a cane on occasion but don’t want to haul around something long and cumbersome, try a folding cane. Providing all the support of a traditional cane, a fold-up cane snaps into place easily when you need it, and folds into a few short sections when you don’t, small enough to fit into a tote bag or backpack.

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2. Lightweight rollator

A rollator is similar to a walker, with one key difference—it features a seat for extra comfort, and many include a basket for purses or shopping bags. For traveling, there are rollators made from extra lightweight, yet still very strong material for superior support. Some models weigh as little as 10 pounds and fold up easily for car, plane, or train travel.

3. Transport chair

Transport chairs are slimmer than wheelchairs and require pushing assistance. They are also designed to hold a wheelchair backpack to store essentials like purses, snacks, and water bottles, plus medical necessities like medication, blood pressure monitors, and diabetes testers. Transport chairs enable seniors with moderate to severe mobility issues to join family members on sightseeing or shopping trips, keeping them comfortable and within reach of the items they may need on the adventure.

4. Disposable bed underpads

Even when mobility isn’t an issue, some seniors worry about incontinence and see it as an obstacle to traveling. However, disposable bed underpads can help protect bedsheets in a hotel or family guest room. The underpads come in a variety of bed sizes, and they can be secured to the bed with clear packing tape if needed—just strip the pad from the bed each morning and throw it in the trash.

5. Neck support pillow

Just look around any airport to see how many travelers take advantage of those compact, horseshoe-shaped pillows. The reason they’re so popular is how well they support the head and neck while sleeping upright. Seniors will appreciate the comfort on long car trips, plane rides, or anywhere they might light to catch a catnap. Neck support pillows are available in a variety of fabrics and fillings, from traditional pillow stuffing to luxurious memory foam, They’ll fit in most backpacks and tote bags, making them easily accessible anytime your senior feels a little nap coming on.

Don’t let age and mobility thwart your traveling dreams

If you or a senior loved one has dreams of traveling the world—or even just traveling across state to visit old friends—don’t let age or mobility get in the way. With the right equipment, anyone can experience the joy of traveling, and Avondale is here to help. We have an extensive inventory of traveling equipment and medical home-care equipment, and our team of professional customer service experts can help you select the right products for your needs. Give us a call or fill out our contact form today.