How to Choose the Right Wheelchair for You?

If you have just suffered an injury or ailment that requires a wheelchair, the variety of wheelchair options can be overwhelming. There are so many unique makes and models to choose from, each offering different benefits and advantages, that it can be tough to make a decision. Avondale HME offers wheelchair rentals in Arizona and is the expert in all things wheelchair, and here we explain all of the different options when it comes to choosing a wheelchair so that you can choose the right chair for you.

Manual or a Power Wheelchair?
The first thing to determine is whether you want a manual or power wheelchair. A manual wheelchair is the standard wheelchair that is pushed forward or backward by the user, using their upper body, or by someone pushing the chair behind them. A manual chair is a great fit for someone who is in relatively good health and has the stamina to push the chair for long distances and timespans. It can also be a perfect chair for someone with an assistant who will be with them at all times, pushing the chair from behind.
If the wheelchair user is older or is a bit lacking in stamina, a power wheelchair may be a better fit. While a power chair is not as simple and easy as a manual chair, it does not necessitate all of the physical efforts of a manual chair.

Heavy Duty or Standard Wheelchair?
Are you an outdoors person who is constantly on the move, or more of a homebody? If you crave adventure, you will need to go with a heavy duty chair. A heavy duty chair features a reinforced base and stronger wheels, making it perfect for outdoor use. The heavy duty chair allows you to independently travel in various different conditions, with the one downside being the weight of the chair may make it more difficult to manually move and store.
If you live a more sedentary lifestyle, the standard chair should work great. It is a simple and convenient option that allows great mobility, with the only downside of a manual chair being that it is not advised for use on more difficult terrain.

What Wheelchair Seat Size Should I Choose?

Once you have decided the type of chair you are getting, next comes the specifics of the chair itself. Wheelchair seats generally come in three different sizes, providing a fit for most individuals regardless of their frame. These 3 wheelchair sizes are:

  • Narrow Chair
    A narrow chair is typically around 17 inches wide, and is for users under 120 pounds. The narrow chair is suggested for children and petite adults.
  • Medium Chair
    A medium chair is a bit larger, at 19 inches wide and can hold substantially more weight. The medium chair is for users who weigh between 120 and 300 pounds. The medium chair is the standard, most popular chair.
  • Wide Chair
    The wide chair is the largest wheelchair seat size, offering a 22-inch wide seat and is for people who weight over 300 pounds.


Avondale HME Can Find the Right Wheelchair For You

Still not sure what wheelchair is best for you? Avondale HME in Arizona can help you find the perfect fit, explaining in more detail all of the pros and cons of each wheelchair option. If you are interested in learning more about the different types of wheelchairs or in renting or purchasing a chair in Arizona, contact Avondale HME today. Give us a call at (623) 295-2724.