Do I Need a Walker With or Without Wheels?

If you have mobility issues either because of an injury, illness, or simply from old age, you need to find a mobility aid that works for all of your needs. One of the most popular mobility aids is a walker, providing an easy and efficient way to safely get around. However, walkers come with two different varieties, with a majority of walker manufacturers providing models both with and without wheels. If you are looking for a new walker, should you get a walker with wheels or a walker without wheels? Avondale HME in Arizona are mobility aid experts, and we can help you decide what kind of walker will work best for you. If you are interested in learning more, read on or give us a call at (623) 552-6012.

Do You Go Outside Often?

If you live an active and outdoor lifestyle, then going with a wheeled walker is your best option. Wheeled walkers allow for incredible mobility and easy movement on a variety of different terrains, supporting someone who likes to stay active and moving. If you are someone who mostly likes to stay indoors and live a sedentary lifestyle, then the standard walker that does not have wheels should work great.

Can You Handle the Wheels?

A wheeled walker feature wheels that are fixed and do not swivel from side to side. However, if you are not as strong and stable as you used to be, a wheeled walker may be difficult to handle and control. To steer a wheeled walker, you need to be able to control both the wheels and the brakes at the same time. If you fear that you would not be able to comfortably steer a wheeled walker, then you should opt for a standard walker.

How Much Assistance Do You Need?

The standard walker is the most sturdy and offers far more stability than a wheeled walker. If you are someone who is prone to falls or need a lot of help getting around, then you should opt for the basic walker. The basic walker allows you to put most of your weight onto the mobility aid without fear of instability or falling. If you only require a little bit of assistance to stay on your feet, then the wheeled walker is a great option.

Wheeled Walkers and Basic Walkers in Arizona at Avondale HME

If you are unsure whether a wheeled walker or a basic walker will work best for you, you need to consult an expert for assistance. Avondale HME is a home medical equipment supplier in Arizona that offers a variety of different mobility aids for purchase or rental, including wheeled and non-wheeled walkers. We can ask you some questions and ultimately help you decide which walker will best suit your lifestyle. If you are interested in learning more or would like to rent or purchase a walker, contact Avondale HME today. Give us a call at (623) 552-6012