Fun Activities in Phoenix That Are Wheelchair Friendly

Over time, it has become easier and easier to find wheelchair accessible activities and landmarks. People are more mindful than ever of providing activities and accessibility to each and every individual, including those in a wheelchair. If you are planning on traveling to Phoenix, Arizona, there is an abundance of fun activities and landmarks to visit that are welcoming to wheelchairs.

The Phoenix Zoo

The Phoenix Zoo is fully accessible, complete with a tram that has a wheelchair lift so you can fully explore the zoo. Home to over 1,400 animals, the zoo provides a great place to take in some of the indigenous desert wildlife, as well as animals from every corner of the globe.

The Desert Botanical Garden

Once you have familiarized yourself with the animals of Arizona, enter the desert and witness the plant life of Phoenix at the Desert Botanical Garden. Located in Papago Park, the garden features 140 acres and over 21,000 plants. Of those 21,000, almost a third of them are native to the area, including a large collection of agave and cacti. While there are a few dirt pathways that may not be accessible for all wheelchairs, the Desert Botanical Garden is otherwise a great getaway with concrete walkways that is perfect for those in a wheelchair.



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Phoenix Art Museum

Escape the famous Phoenix heat inside the air-conditioned confines of the Phoenix Art Museum. Featuring photography and art exhibits that are perfect for the entire family, the museum is considered the best art museum in the city. The museum is very wheelchair accessible, with wide elevators, wheelchair accessible restrooms and only a few ramps that are wide and not very steep.

Arizona Science Center

Explore the rich history of scientific innovation at the Arizona Science Center. Featuring a delightful mix of interactive exhibits and informative content, the Arizona Science Center makes learning about the mysteries of the universe a blast. The Arizona Science Center is very wheelchair friendly, with the exception of one small area on level 2.5 that cannot be accessed by wheelchair.

Heard Museum

Founded in 1929, the Heard Museum is an art and culture museum that is dedicated to better understanding the Native Americans that once called Phoenix home. See beautiful works of art from the native people of Arizona, providing a better appreciation of the history of the region. The Heard Museum is very wheelchair accessible, making it a perfect stop for any trip to Phoenix.