How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Wheelchair?

Whether you have temporary mobility issues requiring wheelchair use or you simply need a wheelchair while traveling or visiting a tourist destination, wheelchair rentals are a convenient and cost-effective alternative to buying a new wheelchair.

Brand-new wheelchairs can cost upwards of $300 for standard versions and twice as much for ultra lightweight models. Wheelchair rentals are much more affordable, although costs will depend on the model, the duration of the rental period, and the company offering the rental. Here’s a quick guide to help decide which wheelchair rental is right for you:

Short-term rentals

Short-term wheelchair rentals, on a daily or weekly basis, are ideal for short trips or day use at a tourist attraction that requires a lot of walking. Many tourist hotspots like amusement parks and zoos offer their own wheelchair rentals, but availability is limited and they often charge more than medical equipment suppliers. To ensure you have the wheelchair you need, it’s best to reserve one from an established rental provider ahead of time.

Average cost for a short-term wheelchair rental: $35-$45 per week.

Long-term rentals

Long-term wheelchair rentals are usually offered on a monthly basis and often require a signed contract and security deposit at the time of the rental. While long-term wheelchair rental makes sense if you need it for a month or so, it might be more cost-effective to buy one if you need the wheelchair for several months or more. Additionally, long-term wheelchair use might also require supplementary equipment such as ramps and lifts, which are also available to rent from most medical equipment suppliers.

Average cost for a long-term wheelchair rental: $90-$110 per month.

Standard wheelchair rentals

The cost of your wheelchair rental also depends on the type of wheelchair you need. For most people, a standard manual wheelchair will suffice. This type of wheelchair is best for indoor use, and can be mobilized by the user or with assistance from behind. Standard wheelchairs are also foldable for easy transportation in most car trunks.

Average cost for a standard wheelchair rental: $35 per week or $90 per month.

Heavy-duty wheelchair rentals

Heavy-duty wheelchairs are optimized for outdoor use with stronger wheels and a reinforced base. They are also wider than standard models, offering a more comfortable ride for many users. Heavy-duty wheelchairs are still foldable for easy transportation, but they are generally heavier as well, and not quite as easy to travel with.

Average cost for a heavy-duty wheelchair rental: $45 per week or $110 per month.

Transport chair rentals

Transport chairs are ideal for people who are unable to operate a wheelchair on their own. Although a transport chair requires a caregiver to operate, it is lighter and more portable than a wheelchair, which makes it a great option for traveling and vacations. Transport chairs are also available in standard and heavy-duty models, so rental costs will vary.

Average cost for a standard transport chair rental: $35 per week or $60 per month.

Average cost for a heavy-duty transport chair rental: $50 per week or $90 per month.

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