How To Care For Seniors With Mobility Problems

As we age, everything changes. Our bones are more brittle, tendons and ligaments are less durable, muscles are weaker, and joints are worn down. All of these factors contribute to the rash of health issues that strike us as we age, including problems with mobility. If a senior citizen in your life has mobility problems, then it is imperative to do everything you can to make their life as easy as possible while still respecting their independence. It can be a difficult tightrope to walk, and that is why we have provided this guide for caring for seniors with mobility problems. If you have any further questions about caring for a senior with mobility issues, contact Avondale HME in Arizona by calling (623) 295-2724.

Assess Their Living Situation

Have a professional come to the seniors living space and evaluate it for safety. You want to make their living space as accessible to the senior as possible, taking out any and all obstacles to their safety.

Encourage Them to Be as Active as Possible

One of the best ways to keep a senior healthy, happy, and as mobile as possible is by encouraging them to try to remain active. Activity can be as simple as going for short walks a few times a day, or they can take it to the next level by participating in yoga, pilates, and other aerobics and exercise classes. This will help them stay flexible and healthy.

Visit a Physical or Occupational Therapist

A physical or occupational therapist can assess your senior to see their mobility level and suggest exercises, stretches, or a different regimen that can help prevent future accidents and improve their mobility.

Have Them Eat a Healthy Diet High in Protein

Make sure the senior you care for has a diet that is healthy and heavy in protein. Protein is essential for gaining and maintaining muscle, and as seniors age, it is important to make sure they do not lose muscle mass. Find foods that are high in protein and easy to digest, such as eggs, beans, and fish.

Purchase Mobility Assistance Devices

There are a variety of mobility assistance devices available for purchase. These devices are designed to make life for a senior with mobility problems easier and safer. Some products include lifts, ramps, handrails, walkers, toilet safety rails, shower benches, bathtub safety rails, bed rails and more. These products can allow you to rest easy at night knowing your loved one is protected from the many hazards that can litter their living space.

Purchase Mobility Assistance Devices & Products at Avondale HME

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