How To Choose The Right Cane For You

A cane is much more than a fashion accessory for wealthy aristocrats and Mr. Peanut. A cane is a needed means of support for those recovering from injury or surgery, as well as a mobility assistant for the elderly. If you are in need of a cane, it is important to take a few factors into consideration because not every cane will be able to meet your needs. Below you can find some tips on how to pick out the perfect cane for your needs, and if you need any further assistance talk to a cane expert at Avondale HME in Arizona. Give us a call at (623) 295-2724.

How Much Support Do You Need?

The first thing to consider when purchasing a new walking cane is how much support you will need from the cane. If you are just in need of a little support to help you balance yourself, then a lightweight straight cane will suffice. If you need a cane that can support your whole body weight then you might want to consider a broad-based cane or a quad cane. If you are in need of something in between the two aforementioned options, an offset-handle cane is likely the best option. Offset-handle canes are lightweight and mobile but can also support direct weight.

Find a Cane That is the Right Height

The last thing you want to do is hurt your back using a cane that is too tall or too short for you. Most canes are adjustable, but if it is not there is a trick to pick a cane that is the ideal height for you. Stand straight up with your arms at your side and measure the distance from the base of your wrist to the ground. This distance is how long your cane should be in order to get a cane that fits perfectly.

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Find the Perfect Grip

When looking through canes make sure to pick one with the right grip for you. There is no set in stone guideline for finding a perfect cane grip, it should simply be one you find comfortable and does not cause any pain or numbness in your hand or elsewhere. There are a variety of different grips, including grips that vary in size or the material used. Some manufacturers will even create a custom grip to use on your cane that perfectly matches the shape and contours of your hand. No matter what you choose, make sure it is something that will not cause any discomfort.

Get the Perfect Cane For Your Needs at Avondale HME

No matter what you are using your cane for, we have a perfect match for you at Avondale HME. We have a large selection of canes and cane experts on staff who will find something that perfectly suits your needs. Whether you are looking for a cane that occasionally will offer some support or a cane that will effectively function as a third leg, we have what you need. To learn more about the cane selection we have at our Arizona location or if you have any questions about choosing the right cane, contact Avondale HME today. Give us a call at (623) 295-2724.