Incontinence Products

Incontinence Products FAQ


  • What are the different types of incontinence products?
    At Avondale, we offer a wide variety of incontinence products, including:


  • Adult Briefs
    Adult briefs – also known as adult diapers – are highly absorbent, with adjustable tabs to allow for an easily customizable fit. These are ideal for individuals with bowel incontinence or limited mobility.


  • Disposable Underwear
    Disposable underwear pulls up and down, just like regular underwear, and usually has tear-away sides for easy removal. With a high degree of leak protection in a discreet package, these are perfect for people with active lifestyles.


  • Bladder Control Pads
    For those who experiencing light incontinence, bladder control pads are a less cumbersome solution that secure to your existing undergarments, providing a layer of protection without extra bulk.


  • Furniture Protectors
    Reusable underpads for sofas, mattresses, and chairs help to safeguard furniture from unexpected leaks and accidents.


  • What are the most convenient incontinence products for caregivers?
    Adult briefs with side tape fasteners make it easy for caregivers to get them on and off, and most briefs have wetness indicators that show when it’s time to change them. Additionally, reusable bed pads with straps allow caregivers to easily transfer individuals to and from their wheelchairs or beds, and can also help protect furniture and equipment against leakage.


  • How often should I change my disposable underwear or adult briefs?
    In general, it’s best to change your products as soon as soiling occurs. This helps to prevent skin irritation and reduces the risk of infections. On average, this works out to about four briefs or pairs of underwear per person per day.


  • What size incontinence product should I buy?
    Both adult diapers and disposable underwear should fit snugly but comfortably. Since there is no one-size-fits-all for incontinence products, consult the sizing chart on each individual product before making a purchase.


  • How do I manage leaks?
    Leaks are usually a result of incorrect sizing or infrequent changes. Replace briefs each time they’re soiled, and if necessary, try going up or down one size. If leaks persist after trying different sizes, consider using a booster pad to increase absorbency.


  • What’s the most effective solution for nighttime incontinence?
    At night, individuals suffering from heavy incontinence may need extra-absorbent briefs, reinforced with booster pads, to prevent leaks. For an added layer of protection for bedding and mattresses, consider using either a reusable underpad, or a waterproof diaper cover.


  • What are the best incontinence products for wheelchair users?
    Wheelchair users may struggle with rashes, bedsores, and skin breakdown as a result from remaining seated for a long time. To keep individuals in wheelchairs healthy and safe, choose adult briefs that are breathable with moisture-wicking capabilities.

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Whether you experience severe incontinence or the occasional light leak, Avondale Home Medical Equipment has incontinence products to meet your needs. We offer adult briefs, disposable underwear, bladder control pads, and a wide array of protective covers for furniture.

If you’re still unsure about which products to buy, feel free to contact us and let one of our friendly medical supply experts guide you toward the right selection. We’re committed to customer satisfaction, and we’ll help you find the supplies you need to feel comfortable and confident once again.

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