Rollators and Knee Scooter Rentals

Rollators and Knee Scooters are excellent solutions for those with minor to moderate walking and mobility issues but do not require a wheelchair. These mobility assistance medical equipment are available at Avondale HME in Arizona for both short-term and long-term rentals. Help patients move about freely with the assistance of a medical supply knee scooter or rollator rental from Avondale HME.

Weekly & Monthly Rollator or Knee Scooter Rentals near Phoenix, AZ

Rollator Rentals for Walking Assistance

A rollator is a piece of medical equipment that allows those with slight mobility issues to effectively walk and move around. It is a lightweight and more mobile alternative to a wheelchair, allowing for easy travel and storage. This specialized walker is equipped with wheels and brakes, allowing those with trouble walking more independence when traveling both indoors and outdoors. The rollator can be easily adjusted to a different height, meaning that no matter what the patient’s height a rollator is a great mobility assistance device. Avondale HME offers both heavy-duty and more lightweight rollators. The heavy-duty rollator, meant primarily for outdoor use, are usually around 20 pounds in weight and are much more durable. The lightweight option is for indoor use, typically weighing between 12 and 14 pounds, and are much more mobile and easy to control.

Monthly $60
Weekly $35



Knee Scooter Rentals and Steerable Knee Walkers for Rent

Foot, leg or knee injuries are incredibly common. Whether it is a broken bone, torn ligament, some type of surgery, or another ailment, hurting the lower body can lead to significant mobility issues. That is where the knee scooter comes in. The knee scooter is the best option to get around easily and efficiently with a leg or foot injury. These steerable knee walkers can help those with a temporarily restricted range of motion get around in a safe and healthy manner. While some amputees rent a knee scooter as a long-term solution, most people prefer a wheelchair. A knee scooter is mostly for short-term recoveries and injuries, and that is why it is a popular item for rent at Avondale HME in Arizona. Rent a knee scooter from the medical supply experts at Avondale HME today.

Monthly $90
Weekly $50


What are rollators?

Rollators are also known as rolling walkers. Unlike standard walkers, which must be picked up and moved ahead with each step you take, rollators can simply be wheeled forward as you walk. This allows for smoother, more efficient travel, with less effort required.

Most rollators have a few key features:

  • Wheels on the bottom of every leg, to ease mobility
  • Handbrakes, for added safety
  • A built-in seat, to allow for periodic rests

Some rollators have additional features, such as baskets to store personal items and backrests for extra comfort.

Who needs rollators?

Rollators can benefit many people with a wide variety of mobility issues. For example, a rollator might be right for you if:

  • You have trouble with balance
  • You often experience vertigo or have dizzy spells
  • You’re recovering from surgery
  • You’ve broken your ankle or foot
  • You’re learning to walk again during a period of rehabilitation
  • You have a chronic condition that affects your lower extremities, such as gout, bunions, or diabetes

Additionally, if you have any condition where you are required to stop and rest often, the built-in seat of a rollator could be helpful for you. Many senior citizens use rollators as a way to increase their mobility and lead more independent lives.

There are many different kinds of rollators available on the market. When choosing a rollator, it’s helpful to answer the following questions in order to determine which type is right for you:

  • How much do you weigh?

Some lighter weight rollators with aluminum frames are only designed to handle up to 250 pounds. Users who weigh more may require a heavy-duty rollator with a stronger steel frame.

  • Where will you be using your rollator?

If you’ll be traveling with your rollator, you may wish to get one that folds and stores easily in the trunk of a car. For people who intend to use their rollator both indoors and outdoors, rollators with soft gripping casters and larger wheels can roll just as easily over dirt paths as they can over linoleum floors.

  • What condition is affecting your mobility?

Certain rollators were designed for specific mobility issues. For example, knee and leg walkers – sometimes called knee scooters – were created for people recovering from foot surgeries, sprains, breaks, or other injuries or illnesses of the ankle or foot. To use them, a person rests their injured knee on the padded seat and propels forward with the other, healthy foot.

Rent a Medical Supply Knee Scooter or Rollator in Arizona from Avondale HME

Avondale offers the best medical supply rentals in Arizona, including knee scooters and rollators. If you have suffered an injury that makes getting around difficult, we can help! Give us a call and we can suggest what medical supply rental option is best for you, including a rollator or knee scooter. Give us a call at (623) 295-2724.


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