Rent Walkers

For a long time, the best walking assistant available on the market for people in need of a mobility aid was a cane. While a cane undoubtedly looks cool, over time it became obvious that a better solution was necessary. A solution that would provide more stability and support for both sides of a body. That solution was a walker.

What is a Walker Mobility Aid?

A walker is a great way to help those with mobility issues get around for a few weeks or months. They provide great stability to those who may have trouble walking and getting around, allowing the user to lean onto the walker to support and assistance. A walker is helpful for those with minor injuries, recovering from surgery, weak joints, pain in the joints, and other injuries or ailments.

What are the Different Types of Walkers?

There are two primary different types of walkers available for rent at Avondale HME in Arizona. We offer standard walkers and heavy duty walkers.

Rent a Medical Walker near Phoenix AZ

Rent Standard Walker

A standard walker is a mobility aid that allows for easy movement and balance. The walker is lifted and moved forward to walk and operate, allowing for easy use indoors. The walker has small wheels on the bottom of the walker, allowing for easy and lightweight transport of the walker. The small wheels make the walker difficult to operate outdoors.

Monthly $50
Weekly $20



Rent Heavy Duty Walker

The heavy duty walker looks and operates very similarly to a standard walker, with a few key differences. The walker is reinforced for better core stability and a firmer stance, allowing for more support. The wheels are also larger and more versatile, allowing the user to use the walker outdoors with ease. The walker can even be operated away from concrete paths, working on other surfaces like grass and dirt.

Monthly $60
Weekly $35


Rent a Medical Walker from Avondale HME in Arizona

Avondale HME specializes in affordable mobility aid rentals, offering both short-term and long-term rentals. If you or someone you know is having difficulty walking without assistance, it may be time to rent a mobility walker. Avondale only offers the very highest quality products, and we will walk you through everything you need to know to effectively use and operate a walker. Please contact us today for more information and pricing at (623) 295-2724.