Renting Medical Equipment for the Holidays

Hosting family for the holidays means a long to-do list of arrangements and accommodations, and figuring out how to accommodate loved ones who need physical assistance is one of the most important items on the list. Fortunately, you can rent medical equipment to improve accessibility around your home for a few days or a few weeks, saving you the steep costs of purchasing the equipment. Here’s a list of some rentals that might be useful this holiday season:

Wheelchairs and scooters

If a wheelchair or scooter is too cumbersome for your guest travel with, you can rent one instead. This will allow them to enjoy all the traditional holiday activities like shopping, attending a holiday play or religious service, and strolling down the street to admire the lights and decorations around the neighborhood. wheelchair rentals

Rolling walkers and knee scooters

For guests with temporary mobility issues like a broken leg or surgery recovery, a rolling walker or knee scooter might be a better rental option than a wheelchair. Rolling walkers, also called rollators, are lightweight and easily foldable, with wheels, brakes, and a small platform for sitting if your guest gets tired. Knee scooters are very similar, but narrower and lacking a seat, allowing those with temporary mobility issues affecting one leg to get around much easier than with crutches. rent a walker


If your home has a few steps leading to the front door, you’ll need to install a temporary ramp if you have a guest that uses a wheelchair, scooter or walker. Portable wheelchair ramps assemble easily, but you’ll want to be aware of how much ramp you’ll need. ADA codes call for a foot of ramp for every inch of rise, so if you have two six-inch steps, you will need 12 feet of ramp for safe access.

Patient lifts

A patient lift easily and effectively moves people with mobility issues from one location to another, such helping them out of bed or up from a couch. It’s also portable and doesn’t take up much space.

Other considerations

Aside from determining which equipment you’ll need to accommodate a holiday guest with mobility issues, there are other considerations to keep in mind:

  • Timeframe

Most medical equipment is available for daily, weekly, or monthly rental timeframes.

  • Long-term use

If a loved one has permanent mobility issues and they will be visiting often, you might want to determine whether purchasing mobility equipment makes more sense than renting.

  • Plan ahead early

Holidays are the busiest times for medical equipment rentals, so book your reservation now to ensure you have everything you need before your guests start arriving.

A holly, jolly, inclusive holiday

No one should feel excluded from the holidays due to mobility issues, so if you have a loved one staying for a day or a week this holiday season, plan ahead with medical equipment rentals. At Avondale HME, we offer a wide range of equipment for rental or purchase. Give us a call today or fill out our contact form and we’ll answer all your questions about finding the best equipment to suit the needs of your guests and loved ones this holiday season.