What is the Difference Between a Fracture Pan and a Bedpan?

Bedpans as portable bathroom solutions for bedridden patients or people with mobility issues that make it difficult to get to the toilet in time. Available in several shapes, sizes and materials, bedpans can be used for liquid and solid waste. The two most commonly used types in hospital and home settings are standard contour bedpans and fracture bedpans. Here’s a brief guide on the difference between the two:

Standard bedpan

Standard bedpans are contoured to fit against the patient’s buttocks and designed to slide underneath the patient with minimal assistance. The pan features a shallow bowl to collect liquid and solid waste, and the molded shape with curved sides helps prevent spillage during use and handling. Pontoon-style bedpans are a variation of standard bedpans that aid stability during use, and they’re usually made with heavy-duty polypropylene that’s easy to clean and sanitize. Bedpans are also available in stainless steel and disposable paper pulp, which is designed for one-time use.

Fracture bedpan

Fracture bedpans work the same way as standard bedpans, and the main difference is the shape. Fracture bedpans are smaller in size with one flat end and feature a distinctive wedge shape, which makes them easy to slide underneath patients with limited or no mobility, or patients who cannot raise their hips or roll over onto a standard bedpan. Fracture bedpans were named for patients with hips fractures or hip replacements, but other conditions that might require a fracture bedpan include broken bones, missing limbs, paralysis, or any injury or illness that severely limits movement. Fracture bedpans are also ideal for obese patients who have difficulty maneuvering in bed.



Other types of bedpans

While bedpans can be used for both liquid and solid waste, another option for patients with limited mobility is a portable urinal. Male and female urinals feature differing shapes for each gender and are designed with a contoured entry point for genitalia and a lower reservoir for urine collection. Because urinals require much less maneuvering than bedpans, they are ideal for patients who are mostly confined to bed but can get up to use the restroom once or twice a day for solid waste.


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