What Is The Purpose Of Compression Socks?

As you age, problems that you didn’t ever even consider suddenly spring up. There is a whole new world of potential health issues to consider, and it is important to take the precautions necessary to ensure your continued health. One of these precautions is compression socks. To most, the function of compression socks can be a bit of a mystery. So what exactly is the purpose of compression socks?

The Purpose of Compression Socks

Compression socks gently squeeze your legs, working to improve the blood flow in your legs and move blood up your legs. By keeping your blood moving you can prevent your legs from becoming swollen and prevent the formation of blood clots.

What Medical Issues Can Compression Socks Help Treat?

Compression socks can help assist individuals with a number of different ailments, conditions, and medical issues. Wearing compression socks can help individuals experiencing the following medical issues.

Prevent Blood Clots

Compression socks can prevent blood clots from forming by getting the blood in your legs moving. This is especially helpful following a surgery or serious injury that prevents you from being physically active.

Swollen Legs

If you have legs that tend to become swollen or are in the process of swelling up, putting on a pair of compression socks can stop the swelling.

Aching Legs

For some people, their legs can be constantly aching, or even sometimes feel heavy and not responsive. If this is the case, compression socks can relieve these aches and pains.

Are There Different Types of Compression Socks?

Since compression socks can treat a few different ailments, there are a variety of different compression sock types. In order to determine which compression sock is best for you, we advise talking to a medical professional. Here are a few of the varieties of compression socks.

Different Pressure Levels

There are a variety of different pressure levels for compression socks, depending on the amount of pressure your ailment requires. You can find compression socks ranging from low and light pressure to strong and high pressure

Compression Sock Lengths

There are many different lengths of compression socks available, with choices ranging from knee-high socks to compression socks that go all the way up to the top of the thighs.

Different Color Varieties

Get compression socks that match your style and sensibilities by choosing from one of many different colors. Find your favorite color, or get a few different pairs to match different outfits.

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